Wednesdoodles: I hear the birds singing…and an octopus playing harp!


Oops! Wednesdoodles is on Thursday today because I was experiencing technical difficulties yesterday…but here we go!’s actually a beautiful day!! What a treat!!
I can hear the little birds chirping away outside! I have my window open! Ah! Finally!!

Yesterday was a great day! I dropped all of my work off at the gallery to be hung for the show on Friday night! I was finishing up a piece the night before, and then once he was finished I packed all my work up to be ready for the next morning. I had a pretty busy day ahead, hair cut at 9am (I chopped ALOT of hair off!), drop off artwork at 12, get to work by 1, yoga class at 7! Then finally I went home and relaaaxed! Every part of the day felt great! In yoga class I was able to do a headstand for the first time! So exciting! OK..I will show you some sketching and artwork and things…I’m pretty scatter brained today, and still sleepy even though I got a good amount of sleep. What GIVES?

doodles IMG_0726 squid

My little guys all packed up….


Oh yeaaa! I chopped all my hair off! (There wasn’t a TON to begin with..but still quite a bit shorter! Holy moly!)

chopchopCrazy! Such a good week so far and the weather has been so beautiful! If you are in Halifax tomorrow night swing by Argyle Fine Art between 7-9pm to visit the opening! There are four other artist being featured, it will be a wonderful night! Adios for now!

11 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: I hear the birds singing…and an octopus playing harp!

  1. Reblogged this on gerARTewohl und kommentierte:
    “Oktopusse”, sag ich immer. Fälschlicherweise…
    Naja, Oktopoden sollen ja sehr intelligent sein.

    Als der Sushimeister Oktopoden hackte,
    sein Weib ihn sanft an den Hoden packte.
    Doch er blickt hinaus in den West-Garten:
    “Nicht jetzt, mein Weib, die Gäst’ warten”.

  2. You illustration work is great! I don’t have the patience myself to do all the little cut and stick parts. Those tentacles must have taken ages! It’s a very surreal idea – gets me thinking of story ideas. Also, the hair looks great 🙂

  3. An octopus playing the harp – more illustrative quirkiness and creativity to enjoy. I don’t know here you come up with these, but please keep coming up with more!

    • Mostly…ideas arrive when I am taking it easy. Mostly when I am about to go to sleep, or sometimes even just as I’m about to fall asleep..and I immediately have to wake up and write down that I’ve got in mind. 🙂

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