Featured Artist: Ana Sender


Hi guys!

So it’s Monday again…and for me it’s a pretty big day!! About a month ago I started toying with the idea of going back to school. I  never really though I would return….but I guess one day it just struck me that if I spend a few years sharpening my skills I might do A OK! I was feeling that, although I have lots of skills already, there is a hole needing to be filled if I want to begin a career in the design field (I have ALOT of technical learning to do).  I’m really excited today to be submitting my portfolio for a Graphic Design program at the community college here in Nova Scotia! I don’t think it will take long for me to find out weather or not I’m accepted…so I am pretty excited! The idea of going back to school itself is a little nutty, but I feel it’s the right thing to do and I think it will help me greatly in the professional world. It’s definitely time to step it up!!

SO today’s feature is a wonderful illustrator from Spain! I really don’t know much about her at all as her blog is in Spanish, and unfortunately I can barely understand the language (although..it IS close to french…but not close enough!). From what I can tell it looks like she loves to work on patterns using her illustrations and transfers those patterns to textile work. On her blog you can find a mix of illustrations and images of beautiful dresses with her patterns on them! So neat! You can visit her blog and her website to see more of her fun and whimsical work! It’s so dreamy! Enjoy!


anasender5 asender asender1 asender2 asender4Have a good Monday! Come back on Wednesday to see what I’ve been furiously working on over the week (getting ready for the art show next week!!)

6 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Ana Sender

    • wahoo! Thank-you! Lots going on right now but it’s all about moving forward! I’ve been feeling very much in one place for a long time and I’m excited to get the ball rolling again.

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