Wednesdoodles: Everything All At Once!



Hi guys!

It’s Wednesday already?! The entire super long weekend just went flying right by and now we are already into mid-week! I’ve been off work since Saturday afternoon, spending almost all of my time in the studio busily getting ready for my show at Argyle Fine Art which opens in 16 days! Over the weekend  I wanted to hammer out the invites, finally finish up my lion peice, and move onto and nearly complete another work, plus I’ve been trying to work on getting a portfolio ready to apply for school. PHEWF!! So here’s how my weekend went:


I struggled with the invites for a few days. I had originally planned to just put some interesting fonts together on photoshop and avoid doing any hand drawing to save time. Nothing was coming together, and I just couldn’t convey the feel of the show with JUST text and cool looking fonts. So I was looking to old early 19th century theatre posters and I found my inspiration! There was no other way but to do it by hand. I sort of thought of my invitation as being almost like the cover of a book. It really had to give a sense and a feel to what the show will be. So in the end I spent probably way more time on the invites than I should have, but I think it was worth it! Besides you never know whose hands your invites may end up in! After I was done the drawing and painting I scanned it in and added some text on the computer. I wasn’t really into spending oodles of time doing the rest of the lettering, and I also figured that the computer could do a way neater, straighter, and more legible job than I could at lettering. So voila. Invites DONE.

Next stop was to finish my lion, which I won’t post here….I’ll keep his finished self a secret til the show is up! Don’t worry I have good pictures of him if you are too far away to visit the show! Yesterday I started in on a new stage. I’ve been wanting to create a set that includes a huge garden or lots and lots of colorful flowers…and so Here is the finished stage without it’s performer!


I’ll keep the performer a secret…..All in all I feel like I had a pretty productive few days. Time is actually starting to blur together and it’s hard for me to be able to see if I’ve been making progress or not! But Things are coming along well! Wishing you a GOOD Wednesday.


I gotta run to my desk now…and then later to my paying job. 😉 Adios!

12 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Everything All At Once!

  1. Good luck in your show Bryanna. Sorry I’ll be away and miss it – I’d love to be there with all your cousins, family,etc. Everything looks so fantastic that I’m sure it will be a wonderful success.

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