Wednesdoodles: A Lion Plays Piano



So here in Halifax…it’s another day like this:


But I’ve got so much going on, I don’t have time to be bummed out by the grey skies and the cold weather! It’s taken me a LOOONG time to finally get this work rolling into the finish line. Last week I was working on a shell stage, which I made and painted, then realized I wanted it to be in gold, not turqiouse, then I painted it in gold and I just couldn’t make things work so I had to ditch the entire idea for now. I knew I wanted a lion playing a piano so I simply started by painting out my piano, then the lion, and then finally started to build the stage. I am nearing the finish line now as I put the details on the stage and glue it all together! Phewf! I guess some things just take longer than others! Here’s a peek at how it’s looking this morning:

piano piano1

That’s it for today! Check back in on Friday for more updates!

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