Featured Artist: Al Parker

featureartistGoodmornin’ Everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend!! Mine is kind of a blur at this point…Had a pretty busy weekend filled with equal measures of fun and work!
Anyhow, today we are taking a little trip into the past! I looove looking at vintage ads. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been drawn to things from eras gone by,especially old print! Today’s featured artist Al Parker was an American illustrator also known as the “Dean of Illustrators” because he was just THAT good! He played in a jazz band to help pay for his tuition to the Washington University of Fine Arts, opened his own illustration company which flopped during the great depression, and then moved on to New York  where he thrived as an artist and illustrator! He began designing covers for well established magazines such as Chatelaine, Ladies Home Journal, and Women’s Home Companion. Check out his work below! So brilliant!

paker5 parker1 parker2 parker3 parker6 Parker08

Who doesn’t wish they had this man’s skills??? Wow!
Have a good Monday!

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