Wednesdoodles: Finding Inspiration


Soeeoeooo….I never really knew what artists/writers block was until recently. I’ve been struggling! I won’t lie! It’s really tough coming up with idea after idea when you are preparing for a show! For the last couple of weeks I’ve been searching my brain, and finding nothin’! When I did happen to find SOMETHING, a SHRED of an idea, it was never really strong enough to expand on. Maybe that’s where I went wrong…oh my. It became so difficult for me to even sit myself down to get to work! I just resented everything that I made! Can anyone else relate?? It might have something to do with all this snow and grey weather that seems never ending here in Nova Scotia. Last night it snowed AGAIN. Here’s what we woke up to:

doodle5I hate to be one of those people who just complains about the weather,  because really, there’s nothing we can do about it! But it’s been having such an affect on my mind! I guess the only thing to do is keep some sunny thoughts in my head and keep treking along. At the end of last week I had a bit of a breakthrough moment. I was finally able to just relax and let some ideas pour out into my sketchbook. They weren’t GOOD ideas, but they were ideas none the less. Those ideas lead to some stronger ideas.  Eventually yesterday I was inspired by something called a shell stage. This one in particular is in Fair Park in Texas. I just came across it while researching into stages and I think it’s so beautiful:


So lovely. Anyhow, I started thinking about building a similar stage with my watercolours and chipboard…I may very well change the colours of my stage though…not sold on the seafoams.


THEN I started to think about what kind of a performance might happen on this little shell stage, and I decided that a piano playing lion in a tux with looong tails would be perfect! So I started chipping away on him and his beautiful piano:


I feel like I’m learning so much about making art and how I make art lately. It’s great! I decided that the best thing I could do for myself was to keep going and get over this “block”, because when it happens again (undoubtedly) I will hopefully be able to remind myself that I need to keep sketching until something comes up. I recently read a lovely quote by Picasso that is simple and sensible:

inspiration-existsThanks Picasso! Andy Warhol also inspired me the other day with this little quote:

making artPhewf! His quote gave me some relief!! Well that’s it for today! The moral of the story: When you are stuck or struggling, just keep sketching….even if bad things are happening on the page. GOOD THINGS WILL COME! 🙂 (this also applies to REAL life!…not just your sketchbook!)

3 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Finding Inspiration

  1. Thanks for that! I have been struggling to find my inner artist too, lately! It is all part of the process, but hearing you say it makes me feel like it will all be alright! Thanks for that!!
    – Christina 😉

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