wednesdayHi guys!

Just wanted to share with you a few things that I’ve been finishing up in the studio. I seem to have hit a block lately…I think the grey weather is still getting to me..Ah! Anyone have any winter blah cures?? So yesterday I decided to take a new approach. I went out and found some old frames for some smaller pieces and I filled a couple of them with a few little watercolours I had made a while back. I think they worked out! They are simple but they really show off the characters that live in them. Here are the two framed works:

lion whale

Can you spot my toes at the bottom of the picture?! Haha! Oops!
I decided instead of moping around wondering what the heck comes next that I would just work on what I knew needed to get done! I also took the time to finish up my whale peice by adding on to the stage. The top now has a nice decorative part! I added some gold paint too! It made a big difference!

whale3 whale2

Annd…I’ve been sketching out ideas , but none of them seem to really stick! I think I have a lot more sketchin’ to do!

barnwowl barnwowl1

Barn owls are pretty neat though! I love their flat faces….I just don’t like the way they do the can-can in my drawings. Hah! That’s it for today!

11 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles!

  1. Love these!!! Love how they are too big for their frames – nothing can keep these guys back! πŸ˜‰ Also love the owls doing the can-can – hilarious idea and image!

    For winter blues, I’ve found coconut scented shampoo to be a lovely reminder of summer!!

  2. Hi Bryanna
    I love seeing your art, and seeing how the whale came about was fascinating. (keep in mind, I’m a science teacher, so this is not at all in my realm!) I can’t wait to see what you do with the owls. I love owls.
    I’m coming to Hali this weekend. Cathy is taking me to Neptune Sat night. Maybe we’ll run into you and Shawn.

  3. I just love, love, LOVE your style!! Your colors are so vibrant, and visually stunning!! I just love seeing your beautiful work!! Bravo!!!

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