Featured Arist: James Gilleard


Whoa what a whirlwind weekend!!! I’d gone out every night since Thursday eve for the East Coast Music Week/Awards. So much fun! I am feeling pretty pooped out today though just in time for the start of the week…I did so much walking and dancing! My little legs are still recovering! I think the time change has also messed me up. I woke up so LATE today! Ack!!

Anyhow! On with the show! Today’s featured artist is James Gilleard, an amazingly skilled illustrator living and working in London. James draws inspiration from retro cartoons, robots, past future predictions and MORE! I love the work he does for T.V shows and movies. He is extremely skilled at illustrating the likeness of people. Just take a look at this Larry David and Steve Zissou! Holy moly! You can visit his website here to see more of his work! Enjoy!

jgilleard5 jgilleard jgilleard1 jgilleard3 jgilleard4

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