So I’ve been chipping away at this singing whale peice, and I’m getting close to completing it! I should technically be finished with it as of yesterday…but some kind of grey sky blues was really digging it’s claws into me yesterday. Does this happen to anyone else out there who is trying to make stuff? I woke up feeling pretty un-motivated, and then I forced myself to my desk after a lot of procrastination, and finally I started to work. Once I got to work I found myself being insanely over-critical of every line and brush stroke I laid down on the paper. I could only work in short intervals because I was starting to drive myself insane! Not to mention my energy levels were sooo low….Oh man it was a tough day! Eventually I had to just get away from my work and make my dinner, go to yoga and hang out with some pals. All of which I think really helped me get back on track! I am feeling better today about it all and I think I can squeeze in some working time before I go to my paying job at the flower shop this afternoon. Phewf! I think it might have something to do with the endless grey skies here lately. I pray that it’s not 2 months of grey until spring…but I am in Halifax after all…where the skies are usually grey and the wind is usually gusting. Oh spring please come soon and bring the sun and tulips with ya! Anyhow here’s a few snaps of the singing whale which I am painfully trying to finish!!!

singwhale2 singwhaleShe still has to be put in her frame, and I think I need to make a few adjustments and touch ups here and there but almost complete! PHEWF!! Anyhow, it’s ANOTHER grey day, but I have my green tea and I am going to conquer these winter blues! Off to work go!!

9 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles

  1. This is really beautiful!! I just love the colors you’ve chosen; they are such happy colors! I can’t wait to see the completed piece!

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