A Whale of a Day….

Hi guys!

Friday…I love Friday. I’m sure most folks out there would agree with me that it’s a pretty good day non?

I spent my day painting and sketching, and sketching some more…you see I set myself up with the challenge of drawing a singing whale. When I dreamed up the idea I thought it wouldn’t be too tricky. No big deal! I know what a singing whale looks like!

When it came down to actually starting in on it I realized that of course I had never seen a singing whale before, and I had no idea how to convey that in a drawing. So what else could I do but just get started. I did some research, spent some time looking at whales (online of course….), and I sketched and slowly but surely I found my way I think! At least I think I’m pretty close to where I was hoping I’d be when it came time to get the next piece underway! So now that I’m all brushed up on singing whales I can get my new work underway this weekend! Here’s some of the sketching and prep painting I did for the next work:

whales1 whales2 whales3 whales4

Have a happy weekend!!

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