Wednesdoodles: Foxes Dance Too!

wednesday Well Hi! Welcome to Wednesdoodles! I don’t have too much to write about today. It’s a beautiful sunny Wednesday here in Halifax!!! I’m so glad!! It’s been kinda gloomy and super snowy the past little while. Today the birds are chirping, the temp. is scheduled to be ABOVE zero and the sun is melting all the snow!! My little cat is excited because her sunny spot in the kitchen has returned and as I was leaving the kitchen I noticed she was peeking out the window as she had taken notice of the busy birds outside! Anyhow, as you may know I’m working on some theatre/animal themed illustrational and somewhat 3D works for an up coming spring show! I am pretty close to finished this piece that I am about to show you. I think I’ll add a few more details to the stage just to spruce it up! I am really happy with this piece! I think they are improving as I go along which is great! Anyways take a look!

foxdance foxdance2

That’s it! I think my favorite part is the stars cut out and hanging, and also the punched out starts in the background….there is a sheet of tin foil behind the cut outs to add some sparkle! I originally had the idea that I would paint a board yellow and stick it in behind there, but when I did all the light was blocked out from the board and the yellow didn’t come through at all! It was just too dark. So I sat around for a while thinking how I could resolve it and I decided that I’d use what I have, and I thought tin foil would be perfectly shiny and it worked! Creativity prevails again! Have a good Wednesday!

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