Featured Artist: Ernst Haeckel


Gooooood Monday to ya!

Today I decided I’d dig into the past and show you a little Ernst Haeckel for your appreciation! I have a pretty serious love for old botanical illustrations. Ernst Haeckel was an amazingly talented and intelligent German who was born in 1834 and lived til the early 1900’s. Ernst was a biologist, professor, naturalist, philosopher and artist just to name a few. His work is breathtaking! Most of what I have seen is related to the sea. The detail is incredible! Haeckel described and named thousands of NEW species, mapped a genealogical tree relating all life forms, AND coined the term biology. What an awesome guy! Let’s take a look at his work:

haeckel1 haeckel2 haeckel4


The last image is one of many Christmas cards he produced. How did he find time to make Christmas cards!?! I just love them because he chooses such strange imagery for his cards! Very unusual indeed! Enjoy your Monday!

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