So here we are at Wednesday already. I spent a lot of intensely focused time in the studio yesterday and I managed to get a lot done! I am working towards a show, and I do have quite a bit of work ahead of me but I’m feeling good about my progress so far! Instead ofย  using a “tunnel book” approach to my work, this time I was working more with the idea of Victorian era peep shows in mind. Peep shows were a form of entertainment way back when, and basically what they are is stacks of drawings/prints layered one on top of the other to create depth. You will see most peep shows inside a wooden box that comes with a little viewer. So neat. I am endlessly facinated by them! I’ve also been doing a lot of research into oooold theater technologies.ย  All very interesting stuff!!!! I am feeling very inspired! I’m trying really hard to get my energy up on this grey wet Wednesday. I’m hoping some tea and moving around will help!!! Anyhow, here’s what I’ve been working on this week (I won’t give away my entire project yet because it’s not done!!)

bears11 dance dance1 dance2

That’s it!! Have a good Wednesday!

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