So it’s been a REAL busy week so far. I know I say that a lot, but this week I really mean it! My hands are black and green and full of cuts from cleaning flowers and prepping roses etc. etc. so I haven’t had much time for art I must admit. It is so hard to come home after a long day and sit down and do even more work which is mostly why I don’t do it. I find it a real challenge to get my head into the space it needs to be in to make good work. I sometimes will force myself to sit down in the studio when I am totally burnt out and mostly what ensues is frustration and crappy paintings. Anyone else have this problem? Aie! I don’t mean to rant! I’m just trying to tell myself it’s ok by telling you all that’s what I’m up to lately…hah! But I’ve been doing what I can when I can, and pretty soon this crazy week will be over and I’ll be back full speed into my work! For now here are a few doodles and a little peek at a new work I’m getting into….although, even though it’s not complete yet, I already see where changes need to be made! I’ll show you anyways!

bear bear1 flamingo bear2

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