wednesdayHi guys! So lately I’ve been busy busy busy working away in my little studio. It was really nice to sit by the window and work away today as all the snow was flying around. Inside I was cozy with my tea and paintbrush and my little space heater. This morning I very professionally finished my sweater cats so that they are ready to hang! I am so impressed with myself…hah! Seriously though, I thought I was only going to have ONE, then I decided that I didn’t like the one I had and made a new one. I liked the new one but pals of mine kept saying they liked the original too! So in the end I decided to frame them BOTH! Well I got frames for them, framed them, hung them, and inspected them. Upon first inspection I noticed that I wasn’t in love with them, and that also there was some dust and some random little marks here and there that I wanted to get rid of. So out they came again. I fixed them up, added some things, took away some things, framed them up, hung them…and then one came crashing down on the floor!!! AH! So I had to re-frame again!  After that I had to teach myself how to attach proper hooks and wires for hanging, and had a pal show me all about dust jackets! Finally I am happy to say that all my cat pieces are finished!! I cleaned off my desk this morning and got ready to dig into my next project for a show coming up at Argyle Fine Art in April! I will show you guys more about that on Friday!! Here are the finished cats! (PS-Cat Person Opens February 15th at Argyle Fine Art!)

catwrestlefini catwrestlefini2 sweatercat sweatercat2

Phewf! That’s it kids! If you are around town on Friday night, and by town I mean the city of Halifax you should come down to Argyle Fine Art and check out this years Pre-Shrunk show!! Check back on Friday for some more things in the works!

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