Featured Artist: Kay Neilsen

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Monday is back!!! (AH! And it’s already January 21st!!!). Lately I’ve been researching into all kinds of wonderful old children’s book illustrators and I’ve found so many great ones. Today’s featured artist is one that I found along my searching named Kay Neilsen. Kay was working during the golden age of illustration (1880-1920’s America) and illustrated many beloved children’s books as well as worked on sketches and illustrations with Disney. I just love all the details and the whimsy of each drawing. Take a look!

kayneilsen3 keyneilsen4 kneilsen kneilsen1 kneilsen3

That’s it for today. Have a good one!

2 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Kay Neilsen

  1. Her first book “Premieres Rondes Enfantines” was published in France in 1904 when she was just 15 years old. One year later Henriette collaborated with her mother on a series of three books containing her mothers verse with Henriette providing the illustrations. Her most prolific period of work was between the years of 1911 to 1917. Like many other artists of the time, her work also appeared on sets of postcards and children’s china.

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