Wednesdoodles: Full Speed Ahead!

Hi guys! I have so much to show you this week that I think I’ll split it up over two posts!  Imagine that!! I’ve been working away on lots of things in the studio and I’ve been having so much fun in the process. I guess I really did miss making stuff while I was away! I have two shows I’m working on at the moment, I have one submission for Pre-Shunk which if you haven’t heard of it is an awesome group show featuring a TON of local artist in Halifax at The Argyle Fine Art! Artists can create whatever they want but the work has to measure 4×5″. So I have my little piece done and now I’m working on a few pieces for a cat themed show at the same gallery and I am having a great time in the process! Here are some little sketches and ideas I’ve been working out! (click image to see larger version)


Do you see what’s happening here?? My own little kitten got into it too and took it upon herself to oversee all cat related artworks this afternoon! That’s it for now! Check back on Friday, I’ll post up the rest of the week’s tinkerings!

PS-If you are in or around Halifax you should come check out the shows! Pre-Shrunk opens January 25th at 7pm, and Cat Person opens February 15th !

4 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Full Speed Ahead!

  1. Yay, the cat are back! Whimsical little kitties and those great lines representing the fur is such a great way! They’re also cool when you cut them out – perhaps get some of those cats into some of those awesome houses you made.

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