Room Re-Do!


It’s Sunday! I haven’t made a Sunday post in aaaaages. I haven’t taken pictures in a looong time! I’ve had to give up my photo walks for a while now because I’ve been busy working on all kinds of other things, and also, a part of me is thinking that before I start snapping anymore I need to start backing up all of my old photos onto disks and clear them off the computer. It’s amazing how many photo files pile up on the computer! Anyways today I thought I’d go for something a little different! It doesn’t have much to do with art, but I guess more with the art of re-decorating! Since we moved into our new place I’ve had that itch to spiff things up. The first room we’re working on is our bedroom. Here’s a before and after shot!


Over x mas I scored an amazing deal on a really beautiful DKNY bed set, it’s black as you can see with an embroidered chrysanthemum pattern. I made the little black and white pillow myself, and the bold patterned curtain that is currently pinned to the wall (I’ll be sewing it into a proper curtain shortly) I got for free in a big stash of fabrics that were being thrown away! My next step is to print off some of my black and white photos and frame them and hang em up on the wall, and then find a nice big mirror for above the dresser not pictured here. I’ll show you guys the completed room later! Anyways I’m heading back into the studio today for the first time in two weeks! Feeling pretty rusty but I spent some time cleaning off my desk, and took a trip to the art store to re-stock my supplies! I’m feeling well armed and I am pretty antsy to get back to work! Have an awesome Sunday and stay tuned for tomorrow’s featured artist!

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