Featured Artist: Brecht Evens


Hi guys! I’m back!!! Well..kinda sorta. I’ve been experiencing some real travel kunundrums….I made the biggest mistake a traveler can make. I somehow thought my plane ticket was for 1:30 when really my flight was at 12:15. I literally watched my plane fly away as I was getting off the ferry to the Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto. Yep… I feel pretty silly and I’m STILL sitting on hold with Air Canada (it’s been over 2 hrs now) waiting to get through to an agent to talk to me about re-booking for tomorrow so I can spend New Years with my guy and his family in Summerside. Phewf. Oh the stress. Not to mention there have been non-stop snow storms all over Atlantic Canada making it even more fun to think about. YIKES. So for now I’m at home (on the phone) and thought I’d get back into the ol’ blog! SO! This week’s feature ( a day early) is Belgium illustrator Brecht Evens. I came across his work at a fun arty store on Queen St. a few days ago and I fell in love!! Check it out! And please visit his website to see more of his work!

evens evens2 evens1 evens3


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