Wednesdoodles: Project Complete!!


Hi guys! It’s Wednesday right? Phewf. Time is going by so fast lately. This is actually my last weekend in Halifax and then by next Saturday I’ll  be at home with my family in Ontario to celebrate Christmastimes! So as you can see from the photo above I am finally finished my big house project!! I’ve been busy building houses for about three weeks and I’ve finally put all the roofs on and called it a day! I dropped them off at Argyle Fine Art this afternoon so if you are around town (Halifax) check them out and go and see all the other beautiful things they have to offer there! Here are some pictures of my finished project!

house10  house7 house3 house2houses

The end!

7 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Project Complete!!

  1. Reblogged this on Sketchbook Warrior and commented:
    I’ve ben following the work of this very talented and very fun artist, and in particular, this creative and very enjoyable project she’s been working on. Check out these ingenious little 3D illustrated houses she’s made, they’re lots of fun!

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