Featured Artist: Monica Canilao


Hi guys! Monday is back! I’m feeling sort of ready for it! It’s just that the weekend went by soooo fast!! I hope you all found some time to relax! I had to make myself relax because my back was being a serious pain all week and especially over the weekend. Ouch. Sometimes I think that my back is just trying to tell me to take a break for a little while…and so I did and I’m thankful! I feel almost 100% better today thanks to a little time in the bath tub and some baking and decorating. So! Today’s featured artist is Oakland based Monica Canilao! I really love her style! She is a mixed media artist who uses collage, sewing, painting, drawing and installation work. Please visit her amazing website to see more of her work!

mcanilao mcanilao1 mcanilao2 mcanilao3 mcanilao4That’s it for today! Have a good Monday!

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