Wednesdoodles…..houses almost complete!


Hi guys!

So I spent about 7 hours yesterday working away on all these little houses! It was my day off..hah! I am so glad I did keep going though because I really feel like I got so much accomplished!!! I started out by painting all the outside of the houses and the doors, then going in with  marker to add detail. I then painted the interiors and added stripes. THEN! I went in to do some touch up work. A lot of the roofs needed some paint on the edges, as well all of the corners of the houses had to be painted so that they didn’t appear white once they were glued together. I still have a tiny bit more touch up work to do then I just have to paint and cut some window frames and put a string thru the roof and voila!! Almost there! Check it out!


_MG_0354_MG_0372Ok that’s it for today! Stay tuned!

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