Featured Artist: Amy Borrell


Good Monday to you!! Today is a holiday here in Nova Scotia for a lot of people because of Remembrance Day so I’m trying to take it easy. The truth is I have to take it easy because my back is quite a mess!! It makes me really sad when I’m hurting so much that I have to just lay around because I am normally I need to be doing or making something, so today is going to be tough for me. Not only am I in pain BUT I am sentenced to laze around all day to help recover my back in time for work! I was hoping I’d feel better after some sleep last night but no!! The pain is sticking around! Aie! Anyhow, here I am hunched over the computer bringing to you today’s wonderful featured artist Amy Borrell! Amy works out of Melbourne and she creates the most darling and whimsical illustrations. I really love her style and just looking at her work is making me feel better! I hope you enjoy it too, and please visit her really neat website to see a lot more of her work!! Happy Monday!

Well my back may be busted but I can still sketch the day away laying on the couch with my kitty!! I hope you all have a lovely start to your week!

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