Wednesdoodles: doodles+mobiles

So finally I have something to post for Wednesdoodles! It’s been a two week hiatus! I’m not sure what exactly happened except that there has been so many things on the go lately, and I haven’t been organized enough to just it down and doodle. Phewf. I’m really working on getting myself together and making a schedule so that I can finally hunker down and make some work! Why is it so tough trying to find time to make!? Here’s what I’ve been doodling over the past little while….

All it takes is a start. Last week I was home alone working on a project for a pal and in between drying (I was painting some ropes) I thought “well…might as well do something!”.  So I grabbed my new sketchbook and started working on some ideas for a cat themed art show after xmas. I’ve also been collecting twigs and sticks because I’m really getting into the idea of mobiles, and I’ve been thinking a lot about three dimensional drawings and different ways I can use paper and drawing together. The last image is not the best of my mobile but I made it last Sunday with my collected twigs and some other collected things, pinecones, drift wood, some funny cards I found at an antique shop over the summer….I just wanted to test out my mobile using some things I could just grab and use! So far I love it! Well I’m up early this morning, going to eat some breakfast and dig right in to some art making! Have a good Wednesday!

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