Sunday Snaps: Falling In To Place

Wellp….another Sunday is here! I love this Sunday because last night at midnight we turned our clocks back an hour…and I feel like my day so far has felt extra long because of it! I love that! Today I’m feeling a little out of it having had polished off a whole bottle of red wine last night, and then dancing around in my sister’s kitchen with some pals. Phewf! So today I plan on taking it slow, chipping away on some things and maybe going for a walk later. After all it’s only  noon!! I can hear some folks raking up their leaves outside…I love this time of year, except I get pretty bummed out when all the leaves have fallen off the trees and I think we are getting near that point! Fall is just such a feast for the eyes!! Anyhow I have a few snaps I took while I was out on a walk around the neighborhood searching for pinecones! Check out these colours!!

That’s all for today! Check back tomorrow for a new featured artist!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps: Falling In To Place

  1. Dear friend B., For some reason this high tech device will not spell out your name… Anyways, we’ve both been enjoying your endearing and most enjoyable messages since last Spring…down East seems like such a pretty place to live and you seem to live life there to the fullest…We especially like when you share your own inspired drawings and paintings with us and we sometimes have lively discussions concerning them…Could you paint us a picture entitled “OR WHATEVER” ?? Cheers from the Limestone City!! Love as ever and always from James and Vivianne

    • Hi Chapeskies! I don’t think I know who you are….my Chapeskie family knowledge is not so good. We must be relatives?? but maybe not (I’m sure there are lots of secret Chapeskie’s out there!). I’m so happy to hear you enjoy my blog so much, its great to hear that it sparks ideas and conversations too! The arts have a magic quality of bringing people together to share ideas, feelings, observations, moments, and passing thoughts. Thanks for writing and reading!! I’ll think about that painting!! 🙂

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