Featured Artist: Mariana Molares

Happy Happy Monday to you!! I hope it’s a good sunny day wherever you are! Today’s featured artist is Mariana Molares from Madrid! She works as a graphic designer, and she is a photographer and illustrator. I love her pattern work, and her website is full of lovely hand drawn patterns and tons of great photography. Please check it out! Otherwise I hope these beautiful drawings inspire you today!

that’s it for now!

6 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Mariana Molares

  1. wow these works are great i love the ladder one… have u ever printed these on shirts would look great

      • I hunt for new artists all the time! I find many interesting ones mostly online..sometimes through magazines etc. I collect new artists on pinterest and I have a bank of new artists that I pick and choose from to feature!

      • wow thats great its good to hear there are people out there encouraging artists… i sometimes worry that art will have no place in the modern world but its good to see there are some young people out there still interested in it

      • We have to keep it alive!!! So vital to human beings and such a rich way to see the world. There’s nothing else that will ever be the same or be able to wipe it away….we’ll always make! That’s what we were made to do!!

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