Sunday Snaps….


Oh Sunday is here…and I’m so thankful. It’s been a real crazy week for me….hence the hardly blogging, if anyone out there has noticed! I’ve just been going through alot of things in my brain, ideas bouncing around, and just being busy in general. I haven’t had time to sit down in my studio, or to even take any pictures! Yesterday after a craaazy art class that stressed me out a little, I came home and had a nap, and then decided to keep working on getting my studio organized and put together. I like to have all of my things surrounding me, so drawings new and old, pieces of writing, and little bits of nature. I have a little collection of pine cones, feathers, acorns, driftwood, etc. that keep me inspired. I still have to get a new light for my lamp too and I would love a little rug for under my desk so my feet can stay warm in the cooler months! My idea is to cover the walls of this room with art and inspiration so that when I enter the space I feel completely at home and surrounded by ideas. So far here is how things are looking:

That’s it for now..stay tuned tomorrow for another awesome featured artist!

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