Wednesdoodles: Birch

Hi guys!

I just wanted to share this little doodle I made the other day. Driving on our way to PEI a couple weekends ago really inspired me. I love fall so much…the colours of the leaves are just out of this world (but they are in this world!!). The reds and oranges, and the yellows! All so bright and firey! I’ve seen some beautiful greens and pinks mixed together too which is such a treat for the eye!! I especially loved the birch trees with their pale white bark and dark brown lines and spots and the bright yellow leaves scattered on top. So wonderful! Here is the drawing I made inspired by the birch trees I have seen this fall!

I haven’t drawn many trees …but I feel like now is the perfect time to give them a lot of attention and makes some nice little drawings! I have this romantic vision of sitting outside on a little bench with my sketchbook and pencils on a nice sunny fall day and just drawing the trees….Stay tuned for more!

5 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Birch

  1. It is a lovely time of year for ‘tree’ people, although I do admit I also love to take pictures in winter – all the bare branches against different skies are very atmospheric!

  2. These are lovely. I love your treatment of the tree. I love trawling through your blog, and though I don’t always leave a comment, the work is great. Now my sons are grown up ( only i left at home) , I am finding more time to do what I like! I have even tried to set up an etsy shop for my booklets. Feels quite adventurous!! Good luck in all your artistic endeavours.

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