Wednesdoodles: Sneak Peek

Hi everyone! Finally back to the blog after a bit of a break at Thanksgiving! PEI was beautiful as always and so nice to visit friends and family! So today I have a couple of projects due and I just thought I would share a sneak peak at what I’ve been working on over the past couple of weeks…here are some little pictures…pieces of the whole for you to see! I’ll post both projects in their entirety later on! If you are in Halifax I hope you are going to Nocturne on Saturday night! It will be lots of fun! Anyways here are some snaps….

Still needs a bit of work this morning, but I’m almost there! The idea is to build an engine/machine (both of these things I have no idea of how they really work so this is my interpretation obviously) piece by piece using cut up paper that I had hand painted with different shades of watercolour paint. I’m also layering paper/chip board to add some dimension. I am really interested in the idea of layering paper and have wanted to experiment with it for a long time now so FINALLY I am doing it! Well that’s it for today…gotta run!! Have a good Wednesday!

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