Sunday Snaps: Saturday Road Trip

Sunday is back!! It’s been a really beautiful and fun filled weekend so far. Yesterday me and my pals took an awesome day trip. We had no real plans as to where we would go, but we picked a direction and drove, stopping wherever we pleased! We chose to drive along the coast towards Canning and Cape Splilt and our last stop was on the edge at Blomidon Provincial Park which has a huuuge beautiful beach! We collected all kinds of things on our trail, we stopped in at a Farmers Market where I loaded up on tons of fall fruit and got such a deal! Then we headed to the Red Barn Antique Store, and at the Look Off I picked up some really nice photographs from a local artist! We also stopped in at Hennigars Farm in Wolfville where we made Sandwiches and then fed some goats, pet some bunnies and watched some Roosters. We collected many of our sandwich ingredients along the way (made a stop at Foxhill Cheese for some nice smoked gouda!) and we ended up with what we called the Harvest Highway Sandwich! Yum!! We had tons of fun! Here are some pictures from our weekend…Oh yea! we also stopped in at the Tangled Garden for a walk in their beautiful garden and a little home made ice cream treat! I had lemon thyme ice cream…dreamy…..Anyways on with the show!

That’s it for now! Enjoy your Sunday and come back again for a new Featured Artist!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps: Saturday Road Trip

  1. That’s why it looks sooooo much like God’s country then! I have to agree with the previous comment because it does look really beautiful round where you live, I could’ve sworn (in quite a few pics) that you were in Scotland, or Northern France, as they’re both similar to Nova Scotia. It’s great on the coast as there’s always something to see. I’m not too far away now but I used to live 5 minutes away from the North Sea, would love to live in St. Andrews again.

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