Hey everyone! I’m just sitting here with my pb and banana oatmeal and tea listening to the CBC…’s true!! It’s a lovely morning in Halifax! I’ve been sketching out some ideas for the upcoming Nocturne show…still lots of work to do!! I have lots of ideas about mechanics vs. organics and utility vs. beauty…things like that! I’ll have to do some experimenting on the weekend. Tomorrow night I start my art therapy class which I am pretty excited about. I haven’t been in class in about three….ish years and last night I went to my first yoga class in about a year and it felt really great. Feels good to get things back on track! Anyhow, here are some recent sketches. I’m not used to drawing mechanics, but I’m really just trying to get a feel for things at this point.

oh yea!! I’m also in love with acorns…I collect a pocket full when I was at the lake lats weekend, and I just love to look at them. They are all different shades of brown and some even have a greenish gold tint. So pretty!

That’s all for now! Check ya later!

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