Featured Artist: Elena Odriozola

It’s Monday all over! It’s a very very rainy Monday here in Halifax. It’s so dark I feel like I should be still sleeping! A good day for shopping though, which is what I intend to do for a portion of the day. We are in need of all kinds of little things for our new place, and my fall wardrobe is very thin….so we’ll see how it goes! Today’s featured artist is Elena Odriozola who is a Spanish illustrator. I love the simplicity and sweet emotion of her work. She has illustrated 55 published books in Spain (amazing!).Β  I can’t find a website for her, but I hope you enjoy looking at the images I found of her work!

4 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Elena Odriozola

  1. πŸ™‚ hello hello,
    this is my first time on your blog, but it is not going to be my last, for sure!
    I love Elena Odriozola.s work, thank you for sharing and I wish you a lovely autumn week !

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