Sunday Snaps: 50 Mile Yard Sale!

Goodmorning! Hope you are enjoying a lazy  Sunday. So far I have managed to have a good sleep-in and a good breakfast! Good start. I have some work to do around the house, and then some studio work to do today to keep me busy! So this Saturday my friends and I took a drive to Musquodoboit Harbour for the annual 50 mile yard sale! It was really rad! Lots of neat finds and people! I had never been to Musquodoboit before so it was nice to visit a new place! I think I am finally slowly beginning to learn where things are in Nova Scotia. Anyways here are a few snaps from the trip! I forgot to bring my REAL camera, so I got some snaps with my phone….really wish I had brought my camera though. Anyways enjoy!

and my finds….a sweet metal record rack, and a really pretty vintage mirror!!

The end!! Have a good weekend and check back tomorrow for the featured artist!

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