Wednesdoodles: Just a few doodles…

Hi everyone. Hope your week is going well so far! I just have a few silly doodles for you. One of them I drew right after I ate a delicious meatloaf that Shawn made for me a couple weeks ago. I do enjoy a good meatloaf…!!! I know some people hate meatloaf but I think they hate it because they just haven’t had a good one!? The other one is just something I quickly doodled at work  yesterday thinking about a night’s sky……..check it out!

strange things happening in my sketchbook! Anyhow. Last night the group of artists boarded the HMCS Sackville (HMCS stands for Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship for those of you wondering) and we had a great time! I’ve never been aboard a navy ship before, there was so much to explore! It was very cool and inspiring! I think I’ll have to let some ideas sift around my brain for a few days before I get down to work but I am pretty pumped for the show! It is actually going to be more like an installation piece inside the ship! The artworks can pretty much be anything and be placed anywhere. Very cool idea! Lots to think about! Anyways I hope everyone is well! Bye for now!

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