Sunday Snaps: Rise and Shine!

Goooodmornin’ everyone!!! It feels like a very long time has passed since I even thought about anything but moving boxes from point a to point b. We are here!!! Finally happily landed in our beautiful new apartment and I don’t think I could be more pleased! It’s funny how moving to a new place makes you feel a little different. I love it. I think it’s the beginning of many good things, and in a way I feel like I have moved forward! I really don’t miss our old place one bit!! I have my very own studio ROOM in our new place and I am hoping to get it somewhat set up today so that I can get back to working! On Tuesday I have been invited along with five other artists to board the HMCS Sackville, which is a big navy ship, to take part in a project for Halifax’s Nocture Art Night with Argyle Fine Art! Our theme is A Night’s Sky, hence we are going to be sailing around at night to warm up our brains. We will each work under that theme and of course share the experience of sailing at night together. I really love projects like this! Hoorah! I am also starting school next week (oh yea!…almost forgot myself!) and am taking an intro to art therapy course, annnnd I will hopefully be teaching nearer to the end of September if all goes well with enrollment. Busy September but I am very excited and I feel ready to take it all on and give it my best! Anyways…here are some snaps taken in my new digs this morning…not very artistic I know, but I promise better and more interesting pictures next Sunday (this new neighborhood has lots of good things happening!)

That’s it for now! Have a good Sunday and check back in tomorrow for a new Featured Artist!


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