Wednesdoodles: The Magic of Paint

Mornin’ all! I don’t have a doodle for you today, but I do have some pictures of a little project I finished over the weekend. We are moving out in two days and I am packing it all up, but also trying to re-furbish the furniture we do have so that the new place looks a little nicer than this one!! Most of our stuff was given to us by friends or found, so sometimes what we do find or are given needs a little love. The dresser I worked on over the weekend was a free-bee and it has been repainted a few times already. It was purple when it was given to me, then I found some house paint in our old apartment and painted it a neutral green colour. Since then, the green has gotten a little dull and the dresser needed a little facelift. I went to Canadian tire and bought a nice warm off white semi gloss latex paint and went to work!! I decided that I wanted the piece to be a little extra fun so I painted the top of it with a flower design borrowed from Riffle Paper co. I really admire they’re simple style and their use of colour! Please go visit their website to see all of their beautiful stationary and more! Anyhow, here is the project before and after!

That’s it!! I am super anxious to move and Friday couldn’t come soon enough! Adios til the weekend!

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