Sunday Snaps: A Day In The Life

Mornin’ everyone! Hope your weekend is going well! So far I have spent mine lazily watching movies, strolling around town and drinking some wine! I think today I might spend my time a little more productively though…I have plans to repaint some of my furniture before we move so we’ll see what happens today! It’s pretty amazing what a little paint can do! Anyways today I thought I’d share my recent instagram shots. My friend Brian recently turned me onto it and I’ve been snapping pictures here and there throughout the past two weeks. It’s kinda fun to be able to see what other people are up to visually! Anyhow here are some snaps from the past little white.


That’s it for today! I gotta run and go find some paint!! I’ll keep you posted on my furniture projects. PS-Stayed tuned for tomorrow’s featured artist!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps: A Day In The Life

  1. These are great – you should let us know your instagram handle so we can follow you! Unless I missed it posted somewhere else. 😉

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