Wednesdoodles: Fun Findings…

Goodmornin’ All! I don’t have any of my own doodles or projects to share with you today!! I’ve been quite busy lately and haven’t actually found myself any time to sit down and draw, which is kind of a lame excuse because I’m sure at some point I had a crack of time that  I could have made SOMETHING!! I’ve actually packed up all of my art supplies getting ready for the move, and things are sort of in a funny state around the house and so I guess I just don’t feel motivated to get creative right now. I can’t wait til I set up my new studio and get right back into it though!!! I was looking through sketchbooks this morning trying to find something to post and instead of finding a sketch I found three funny little postcards that I purchased on vacation in Bear River Nova Scotia. I really have no idea what they are all about but I found myself very drawn to them, especially the gold ones, because of the strange illustrations on them!! I love making strange finds like this one!! Anyways check them out! Maybe you know something about them??

That’s it for today!!

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