Featured Artist: Margaret Kilgallen

Welcome to Monday everyone! Today’s featured artist is Margaret Kilgallen who was a San Fransisco Bay Area artist. I came across Margaret’s work a few  years ago while watching an Art 21, and I remember being really fascinated by her and her work. This afternoon I watched a film called Beautiful Losers which documents the life and work of a group of artists who are/were influenced by graffiti, pop art, skateboarding, and punk music. Margaret was a part of this group of artists until her passing at age 33 in 2001. For a long time, after I had originally watched that Art 21 segment, I remember keeping one thing so close to my heart about her words and her work, and often times when I made work I found fine her words speaking to me and reminding me that the beauty is in the wavering line. She spoke about art as being so particularly individual that it was the imperfections that made the work so special, because those are where we can see the human hand, and in turn the human mind at work. Anyhow…thinking about her again today after watching Beautiful Losers, and then doing some further investigation to find that she has sinced passed away kind of made me feel a little strange, and sad, but I find it so special that someone I’ve never met has had quite an influence over the way I think about my own work and I’m sure has a huge influence on many, many other people who are making! Pretty amazing and powerful! I highly recommend the film Beautiful Losers! Go watch it immediately! Here are some examples of Margaret’s wonderful work!

Have an amazing Monday and go make something!!!

One thought on “Featured Artist: Margaret Kilgallen

  1. I love the use of old illustration. Did she draw them herself or source them from old prints? There is a quality of Hispanic/ Mediterannean old propaganda or advertising prints to the art. It makes you think of Frieda Kahlo or Diego Rivierra. Makes you think of old Cuban communist propaganda.

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