Sunday Snaps: Dahlias

Goodmornin’ everyone!! It’s that time of year again!! The Dahlias have arrived!!! I’ve spotted them in people’s gardens, in the Public Gardens and at the market!! In case you didn’t know Dahlia season is my fav. They come in so many wonderful colours and shapes and sizes! If you are in Halifax you shouldn’t miss the Dahlia Festival at the Public Gardens!!! I saw a dahlia as big as my head!!!! Anyways on with the show!!!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Chester at a nursery called Ocean View, which was full of amazing plants and trees and all kinds of other flower/plant nerdy goodies!! I was so temped to buy more plants, but I already have quite the collection at home. I think my next plant purchase will be an air plant though…ever heard of em?? They are pretty neat! They don’t need soil, and they can grow anywhere! Anyways…hope you enjoyed the Dahlias! Check back tomorrow for the featured artist!

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