Featured Artist: Sarah Giannobile

Monday comin’ at ya again!!! It really is August 13th no matter how you look at it!! Today’s featured artist is the bright and so talented Sarah Giannobile (say it out loud, its a lovely last name!!) who hails from St. Louis! The subject of her work is her dreams, and connections from past to present. She creates symbols and tries to portray stories through painting. I am particularily interested in her work this week because as luck would have it, I have just begun reading an art therapy source book and have been giving some thought to the idea of a collective consciousness, a sort of web of ideas and thoughts from past generations and even civilizations that connect us all. Her work relates very well with what I am currently studying! How cool is that? She has a wonderful color palette and I love the incorporation of drawing and painting together to create very delicate compositions that may almost seem to break apart if you removed any one piece! Please visit Sarah’s website to see more of her amazing work, and check out her ETSY shop to find some amazing prints at great prices! Enjoy the show!

That’s it for today! Adios!

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