Sunday Snaps: In The Garden

Hey everyone! Hope your week has treated you well!! Mine has been such a whirlwind I tell ya!! Lots of things seem to be happening in the lives of my close pals and in my own life too! Change is upon us in a big way!! It’s very exciting but also very crazy to take in! I am very excited though, and happy because change is usually a good thing!! My dear friend Brian is here visiting for a bit and I am so excited to spend time with him this week!! Another pal is back from Maine for a while, and my whole family just left Nova Scotia on Friday morning after a two week vacation!  Lots of people around lately which has been wonderful!! Having so many important people in my life come back into it reminds me how much support and love surrounds me and it energizes me and makes me realize that I can do anything! 🙂 Thanks friends and family! I am also going to commence packing this week, and am so looking forward to moving out annnd today I am going to finish a painting! Lots of excitement!  Anyways on with the show! Some more snaps from my time off at the Historic Gardens in Annapolis Royal!

That’s it for today!! Check back tomorrow for a new featured artist! Enjoy your Sunday!


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