Sunday Snaps:The Afternoon I Stopped to Smell A Zillion Roses!

Wow! Vacation at the Digby cottage is over, and here I am trying to get re-acquainted with city living in my little apartment in Halifax. I have to say I had a wonderful time away and we had perfect weather! We went whale watching which was one of the highlights of our trip! I’ve had a serious love for sea creatures especially whales for some time now mostly because they are so amazingly massive and also very mysterious! We were fortunate enough to find a mother and her calf swimming nearby! I even saw a whale jump right up out of the ocean! It was really amazing! We spotted dolphins and seals, as well as some amazing sea birds! We visited Bear River, and on our way back this afternoon we stopped into Annapolis Royal which is the most beautiful little town (I’d love to re-locate there someday….maybe???!) in which lies a huge historic garden. If you are ever in Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia, and you are a botanical lover it’s a must see!! So as you can imagine I have about a trillion photographs from my adventures over the week, but today I will share with you only the photos I took of the beautiful rose garden!! Enjoy!

Well I have a few days left of vacationing and then I have lots and lots of stuff to do…mostly packing and getting ready to move in a few weeks. Aie! Is summer already almost over!? Happy Sundeeee!

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