Vacation…’s all I ever wanted!

Hi everyone!

I regret to inform you that the usual Sunday Snaps will be post-poned til next Sunday when I return from a week long vacation in Digby Nova Scotia! I will return with lots of amazing pictures so do not fret!! My family and I have lots planned (mostly relaxing) whale watching, and site seeing and lots of beach time! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer because even though I hate to say it, there is only a month left til September!! I can hardly believe it myself! I’ve been so busy these past weeks with work and teaching, and painting and cleaning and now vacation! Once we return home we will start packing up our apartment for the big move at the end of August! Phewf! It’s been crazy I tell ya and I am definatley worthy of a beautiful vacation in the sun! So looking forward to it. Vacation really means so much more when you’ve been workin’ like crazy! There is no internet connection at the cottage which I think is great! I plan on reading many books that I haven’t been able to read over the last couple of months! Well…that’s it for now! I’ll be back in a week!!

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