Sunday Snaps: An Afternoon At The Government House

Sundaaaaaay Sundaay! Hope everyone is having a nice little Sunday!! I slept in big time (well for me big time is around 9-9:30!!) and now here I am posting in my pjs. Yesterday me and my sister went for a little stroll around town and made a stop in at the Government House of Nova Scotia. I’ve walked by this beautiful building a zillion times since moving here about seven years ago and each time I’ve walked by I’ve always wondered what it looks like on the inside! Yesterday we had the chance to take a peek inside and they even lets us take pictures!! What a stunning place it is inside! Everything is beautiful and sparkley and so ornate. My favourite parts of the tour was the room with the beautiful silvery wallpaper!! I also fell in love with a big clock in the hallway! Check it out!

That’s it for today! Enjoy your Sunday! I’m off to start a biiig painting! (WOO!)


One thought on “Sunday Snaps: An Afternoon At The Government House

  1. Amazing! I never stopped to go in there either–you have solved the mystery! The interior is incredible (YES! Especially that room with the floral wallpaper). High five on a super adventure!

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