Wednesdoodles: I wish I were a fish

Such a lovely day starting out here in Halifax! I don’t have much to say or show this morning….I’ve been pretty busy with work, classes, and apartment stuff!! I’ve managed to do only ONE doodle all week. So terrible I know!! I feel like this summer might be a bit of a slow one for artwork. However I am moving into a new apartment in September in which I will have my very own ROOM for a studio space!! I am pretty darn excited about it actually because right now my studio is pretty much in my kitchen where most people would but a table and chairs! It’s a great little set up, but I can’t wait to have my very own space to work in. I think it will help me stay on track knowing that I can escape into my own room and even close the door if I want! Pretty awesome! Anyways here is my one doodle of the week….

Last week with my art camp I found myself doodling sea creatures and I was so into it! The kids had me drawing fish all over the place!! Anyhow..I hope you enjoy your Wednesday! Adios for now!


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