Sunday Snaps: Beautiful Mornin’

Oh my my my. I just got back from a stroll around my neighborhood to grab a coffee and take some snaps and was surrounded by the most beautiful houses, trees and flowers. What a great morning walk! It makes me a little sad walking around the hood knowing that in less than two months we won’t be around the South End of Halifax anymore! I do love the deep south right by Point Pleasent Park. To think that I will be pretty far walking distance from there is a real downer! I will have to find new places to stroll and admire things though and I’m sure there’s lots of that in the North End too! Besides, there’s always the bus and I could invest in a bike!! Well here are some lovely snaps from this morning’s walk. I have to say my favourite sight is a two huge red and white rose bushes planted right next to one of my favorite houses in town! Enjoy!

I am so pooped from yesterday (threw a birthday party for Shawn) that I think I am just going to spend the day listening to records and taking it eaaaasy! Maybe some painting if I perk up a bit this afternoon! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Adios for now!

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