Sunday Snaps!

It’s Canada Day weekend and I’m loving it!!!! I’m so happy that the sun has decide to shine on us for two straight days of a three day long weekend!! I didn’t have such high hopes for the weather earlier this week, but Halifax has been so warm and lovely!! This morning is just gorgeous! So happy just to see the sun! I hope everyone has lots of great plans to get out and enjoy it! And if its not sunny in your corner of the world I wish you a cozy little Sunday. Here are some snaps I took out on my back deck this morning. I love the morning light!

Also…some OTHER pictures! Here is a picture that my twin sister took of me and my little sister on vaccation a few summers ago! I looove this picture. It really captures the great times we have together đŸ™‚ My little sis will be vising soon with my Mom and Dad and I am so pumped to see her again!

annnd a really happy picture taken at the flower shop of me working away on a giant bouquet of flowers!

That’s it for today! I am getting geared up to teach a 4 day Canada themed summer camp to 5-8 year olds next week! It’s gonna be busy and so much fun! Have a great Sunday!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps!

  1. beautiful…what an inviting little table to sit with a morning coffee..thank you for sharing. Happy Canada Day!

  2. I see what you mean about morning light! Not sure what I love most, from the sun beginning to shine on the flowers, your sister’s smiling face or you in the flower shop. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

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