Sunday Snaps: Into the Wild

Hey everyone!! Ahhh….its Sunday! I think Sunday is my favourite day of the week. It’s so foggy and grey outside, and quiet. I took a quick stroll for a coffee and was listening to Eddie Vedder’s Into the Wild (hence the title of this post) and just felt like everything was just as it should be. Anyhow I must say it’s been a really nice lazy weekend so far. Yesterday was spent literally lazing around watching shows and movies, eating a chocolate croissant in bed with a giant coffee, taking a stroll outside and browsing through some old records at the record shop, and just hanging out with my boyfriend and taking the day slow! Couldn’t ask for any more! We ended the day off by cooking up a batch of my favourite hot and sour soup!! So good. Anyways, today’s snaps are from the Natural History Museum here in Halifax!! We went with a few friends earlier in the week and of course I brought my camera along for the ride! These are mostly pictures of frogs and snakes that they keep!! I also threw in some pictures of peonies for good measure. How could I not post a flower pic or two?? Peonies are in full bloom in people’s yards (lucky people’s yards!!), every time I see them I have to stop and smell them…or just stare. Ha! Yes I am one of those people who stops and smells the roses. It almost got me hit by a car once…so be careful! Ok on with the show!

The end! Go have yourself a lovely Sunday 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sunday Snaps: Into the Wild

  1. Gorgeous photos! 😀 I love your shots of the frog, especially the last one. It has this lazy, “Yeah, I know you’re there, but I’m going to pretend that your camera doesn’t bother me” expression.

  2. I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your blog and postings. I find that I seem to identify with your choice of postings, art, and photography very much. I love your outlook on your world. It is beautiful and you are quite gifted with an eye for all that is precious. I, too, am an artist (oil painter & sometimes acrylic), photographer, and writer….and I see you are as well. Thank you for sharing your beautiful musings with the blogging world. It is more interesting because of people like you:)

    love & blessings from San Francisco…

    k i m b y

    • Aww you are so so kind and sweet! Thanks so much for taking time to write! I love to hear from lovely people such as your self with a similar outlook and love for beauty! I’m so happy you found me and hope that you keep reading! I will be sure to visit your blog as well!

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