Sunday Snaps: Poppies!

Hey ya’ll. I had a lovely mornin’ on Saturday. Woke up early and took a stroll to get some breakfast at one my fav spots downtown then on the way home stopped in at the Public Gardens. I had heard good things about the poppies growing there! I love the gardens because they are constantly changing! It’s practically a new garden every week!! And as for the poppies, well I have to say they are a flower I  never really paid too much attention to until a couple weeks ago when I walked by one and had to stop in my tracks!!! I love when that happens! All of a sudden you see something you never REALLY looked at before and it opens up a whole new passion! I am feeling pretty poppy crazy! I also love the name…POPpy….a giant punch in the face of colour!! POP! They really make my heart flutter. I hope you all enjoy the show!!!

That’s the end! Hope everyone has a really great Sunday!

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